That's smashingly hard...

Makabit+ is a cold-processed, directly installable, single-component repair material. It can be processed directly from the container without the need for additives. In order to ensure proper adhesion, the areas in need of repair must be free of “standing” water and other contaminants. For achieving optimal results, we recommend priming the subsurface with ESTOL C40B5-S.
To support and accelerate the hardening process in dry weather, the material can be sprayed with water (approximately 0.5 l per 25 kg of mix) prior to compressing (32 x 25 kg of metal containers available per pallet). Makabit+ can be applied with a layer thickness of between 1 and 5 cm. Deeper segments can be filled with crushed stone or gravel or simply apply Makabit+ in multiple layers. Makabit+ is manufactured with materials comprised of 70% renewable raw materials. Most smashing of all, Makabit+ is 100% solvent-free. For the right choice, make it Makabit+..